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Tired with Existing Service Provider ? Move ahead ! Telenet Ad. India - Complete A Part Time Business Solutions 100% Monthly Income !!! We Guarantee it !!!

Welcome to Telenet Ad India
Telenet Ad. India   :  Complete A Part Time Business Solutions 100% Monthly Income !!! We Guarantee it !!     

About us

The esence of TelenetAdIndia lies in the spirit of Team Work. "People Helping People" for a common cause can create a positive difference in everyone's life. This is our Success Mantra.

As this is a people-centric business our vision is to make people know about their potential and how to use it as a tool to make themselves truly successful and get freedom in life.

Telenet Ad India is more than just a business concept as it allows people to know how to come out of the problems relating to lacking resource and financial insecurity by providing a viable self-employment opportunity. The two core sectors we intend to work upon comprises of consumer goods and insurance. Both sector provides the best value to consumer in terms of utility and satisfaction. (Many and Many Services are coming soon).

In the age of globalization and Hi-tech System number of opportunity are of at our hand A part from basic amenities like food, shelter and clothes our enhanced need commands auto extra income. This is now easily at your doorstep. Just have a perusal of this present bonafide information about reliable and affordable services around the globe throughTelenetAdIndia its entire infrastructure and info structure are if auto evaluation through e-management just be part of it and enjoy satisfactory benefits as per Structure mentioned here.

We are the frist & only company in India who are providing Bulk SMS Gateway, Bulk Voice Call Gateway, Online/Offline Mobile Recharge Gateway, DTH Recharge, SIMless Local Number , TelecomReceptionist, Telecom-Fax 2 PDF, Telecom-IVR, Toll Free Number, Toll Free SMS, Miss Call Alert Services, Mobile Number & Email Data Support, Longcode Services, SIM Card Hosting, Virtual Numbers, Missed Call Push Services, IVR Solutions, Smart 2Way Messaging, , Web Services, Advertising, Click 2 Call through a Single White labelled Panel so you are not likely to face any big competition or sales pressure in this field as the concept is only catching up in India as an effective marketing platform. So make the most of now by acting immediately. Start your own Telecom Company without any Depth Technical Knowledge or Huge Investment. Plug & Play Solution.