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Tired with Existing Service Provider ? Move ahead ! Telenet Ad. India - Complete A Part Time Business Solutions 100% Monthly Income !!! We Guarantee it !!!

Welcome to Telenet Ad India
Telenet Ad. India   :  Complete A Part Time Business Solutions 100% Monthly Income !!! We Guarantee it !!     


Business Opportunity

All you need to do is find new customers and sell the Telecom VAS Services at your own price and brand. You will get a ready made 100% white labeled website which works with your own domain or subdomain Your customers' control panel and website is 100% customizable so that nobody will come to know that we are working at the backend. 

No Programming or Technical Skill is required. We have made everything ready and easy for you. You can Start this highly profitable business within 5 minutes

Market Study

Mobile and its value added services have brought about a revolutionary change to our life style, making it an inevitable part of us. Mobile subscribers and Service companies are increasing day by day. Recent Surveys reveal that by the end of 2013, India will have more than 120 Crores of mobile subscribers. That means almost 90% of our total population will be using mobile phone. More International Mobile Service providers are also targeting India. So the opportunity & market in Telecom Sector is very wide and unlimited.


We are the frist & only company in India who are providing Bulk SMS, Voice Calls, Online/offline Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, Longcode Services, SIM Card Hosting, Virtual Numbers, Missed Call Push Services, IVR Solutions, , Mobile Number & Email Database, Advertising & Web Services, Smart 2Way Messaging, Click 2 Call through a Single White labelled Panel, so you are not likely to face any big competition or sales pressure in this field as the concept is only catching up in India as an effective marketing platform. So make the most of now by acting immediately.

Products/Services You Can Resell

You have the option to resell our following products through your own Simple Online Panel in your company brand and price.

  • •  Bulk SMS  -- Normal, Priority ,Economic ,Marketing ,Transactional (DND Open)
  • •  Bulk Voice Calls  -- Bulk Voice Broadcasting, Click 2 Call & IVR's
  • •  Click 2 Cal & Call Back Services  -- Oubound Calls with IVR
  • •  Toll Free Number --Default Number(s) 1800 xxx xxxx
  • •  Outbound & Inbound IVR  -- Fully Hosted IVR Solutions
  • •  Missed Call Push Services  -- Never Miss Calls
  • •  Online & Offline Mobile & DTH Recharge  -- All Operators & Circles , API's also available
  • •  Utility Bill Payments(online & offline)  -- Postpaid, Landlines, Electricity, GAS, Insurance Payments
  • •  Long Codes  -- Dedicated & Shared Numbers (URL Forwarding, Auto Responses)
  • •  Smart 2Way Messaging  -- Fully Automated Dynamic 2Way Messaging System
  • •  Dedicated Virtual Numbers  -- Switch Level Forwarding – No Hardware required
  • •  Shared Virtual Numbers  -- High Through-put (URL Forwarding, Auto Responses)
  • •  Dedicated GSM SIM Hosting  -- Unlimited Keywords & Sub-Keywords
  • •  Mobile Number Database Support -- We have 40 Carore Mobile Number Database Of All Over India Every city we have  separate data
  • •  Email Database Support -- Huge email data of all over India Approx 90 Lac State wise /City Wise/Age Wise/Male-Female,
  • •  Advertising Services-- Outdoor, (LED displays , Sign Boards , Advertisements on Bus shelters ( bus stops ) , Unipoles , Traffic Dividers , Lamp Poles , hoardings, Kiosks, hard copy  etc.), online , TV, Radio, News Paper, Mall, Mgazine and Multiplex Adversing Services.
  • •  Web Services-- Delivering low cost IT software services, website Designing ,Logo, Domain Hosting and outsourcing services with unmatchable quality and in time delivery.


You can customize your control panel & website as your wish. You can upload your own company logo, contents and also make changes according to your needs. Full Administration privilege will be yours. All our Services are 100% white labeled All our Services are 100% white labeled. Our Company Name or back links will never display on your website.

  • •  Works with your domain/subdomain
  • •  Upload your Logo & Contents
  • •  Full Admin Privileges
  • •  100% White Labeled Ready Made Website & Control Panel


We believe that our Success is possible only through your Success so we always put our best effort to make you success by providing unmatched level of Support.


No need for any special requirements or infrastructure to start this business, you can even start this business from the comfort of your home or run this business as part time. No technical skills or Programming skills required. We will take care of all such major things.


  • •  Works From your own domain (www.yourname.com)
  • •  100% Customizable Control Panel
  • •  Provide Services at your own price & brand
  • •  No Technical Knowledge Required.
  • •  No Programming Skill Required.
  • •  Easy & User Friendly Control Panel
  • •  Full Administration Privilege
  • •  No Web Hosting required
  • •  Multiple Income from Bulk SMS, Voice Calls, Online Mobile Recharge, Long & Short Codes etc.
  • •  Instant Setup & Activation
  • •  Normal & Priority route with multiple operator connectivity
  • •  1000 TPS Shared Connectivity in Normal route
  • •  Normal, Priority, Marketing ,Transactional (DND Open) Routes
  • •  High Speed Gateways with multiple connectivity (Loop, Aircel, BSNL & TATA)
  • •  You can create unlimited users and sub-resellers.
  • •  Manage users and sub-resellers from your control panel
  • •  Add Credits to your users or sub-resellers account.
  • •  Unlimited Validity for you.

Resellers Admin Features

You can customize your control panel & website as your wish. You can upload your own company logo, contents and also make changes according to your needs. Full Administration privilege will be yours. All our Services are 100% white labelled All our Services are 100% white labelled. Our Company Name or back links will never display on your website.
We are loaded with all the features which are currently available in the industry. You cannot find all such features together at an affordable price anywhere else.


A simple & organized dashboard gives you a quick current date overview of Sales, Online Users, Payment History, Pending Payments, Payment Pending Details & New Customers

Manage Customers

Here you can effectively manage all types of Customers Users, Resellers, Retailers & Distributors

  • •  Add New Customers
  • •  View & Manage Customers
  • •  Add/Debit Credits
  • •  Suspend/Activate Customers
  • •  Sales Overview
  • •  Transaction of Credit & Debit

Manage Recharges (For Recharge Customers)

Here you can manage your Recharge Products

  • •  Create New Commission Packages
  • •  Edit Current Commission Percentage of Customers
  • •  Option to Edit Operator Wise & Customer Wise Commission Percentage

Manage Longcodes (Only for Longcode Customers)

Here you can manage your customer's longcode number and keywords

  • •  Manage Keywords
  • •  Renew Validity of Keywords
  • •  View & Search Complete List of Keywords
  • •  View Traffic of Each Keyword
  • •  Assign Dedicated Number to Customers
  • •  Set Default Selling Number


Branding enables you to completely customize your selling website, its most advance than Web Site Builder

  • •  Change Theme – 12+ Color Themes Available
  • •  Upload Your Logo
  • •  JQuery Slider Show (Supports upto 4 images)
  • •  25+ Content Filled Pages
  • •  Options to Edit Site Title, Meta Tags & Descriptions of each Pages
  • •  Advanced HTML WYSIWYG editor for editing your Images & Pages
  • •  Update your own contents in the Selling Page
  • •  Option to Show or Hide each page
  • •  Edit Side Menu Content with Show or Hide Option
  • •  Change Layout of the Side Menu (Right & Left)
  • •  Option to Edit Header & Footer
  • •  Add your own Metatags, Keywords & Site Description for SEO
  • •  Option to configure Logout Re-direction URL

Site Settings

Here you can configure basic settings of your Website
Alert Option : Here you can customize and control the outgoing SMS & Email messages which sends to you or your customers on certain transactional events.

Alert Message Outbox : Display all outgoing alert messages with delivery reports and credits

Payment Options : Here you can add you own Payment Methods & Services. The details will be shown to your customers while filling the Payment Update Form.

SMTP Email Settings : You can authenticate outgoing transactional emails by setting up your own SMTP account which ensures Inbox Delivery. You can configure Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any Email Accounts.

Free Credit Allocation on Signup : Here You can configure how many free credits need to be added when someone creates a new account.

Service Settings : Here you can define the Services you would like to Resell, the services configured here will be applied to all new user signup's. However you can manage service for each User separately in the "Manage Customer" Section

Marketing Tools

Low Credit Search : You can search credit of customer between 2 number to find out which customer is running under low credit

Announcement: This option allows you to send bulk announcement as SMS to your Customers

Banners : This option allows to put different banners (Pop up & Inline) for your customers the same will shown once your customers as logged in

Support Centre

Browse Tickets : Here you will get complete list of tickets raised by your customers, you can able to reply, close or re-open any ticket

Payment Requests : Customers payment requests will be displayed here, you can automatically process the payment request if you got the payment. The system will automatically credit the customer requested quantity or the quantity entered by you.

Payment History : Gives you the overview of the Payments processed by you