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Tired with Existing Service Provider ? Move ahead ! Telenet Ad. India - Complete A Part Time Business Solutions 100% Monthly Income !!! We Guarantee it !!!

Welcome to Telenet Ad India
Telenet Ad. India   :  Complete A Part Time Business Solutions 100% Monthly Income !!! We Guarantee it !!     


At Telenet Ad. India, we focus on Delivering Reliable Value Added Services to Customers in an easiest possible manner which will simplify their utility transactions and requirements. Bringing various common services like Bulk SMS, Voice Calls, Online/Offline Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, Toll Free Number, Toll Free SMS, Miss Call Alert Services, Mobile Number & Email Data Support, Longcode Services, SIM Card Hosting, Virtual Numbers, Missed Call Push Services, IVR Solutions, Smart 2Way Messaging, Click 2 Call through a Single White labelled Panel under one roof will significantly reduce the inventory of agents/dealers/retail outlets and also boost their business growth in several ways.

Bulk SMS:

Bulk SMS Telenet Ad India is a leading provider of Bulk SMS services & Marketing SMS services in India. Telenet Ad India has been providing SMS based services for over 4 years. Telenet Ad India is provider for customized SMS solutions, with clients ranging from big Corporate and Multi-National Companies, Small retail vendors and even individuals and students.

PUSH SMS Services, featuring:

  • • Capable of sending thousands of SMSs in minutes
  • • You own Personalized Sender ID (like "1 new message from "TELENET")
  • • Web based user accounts, with storage capacity of over 1 million numbers and 5,000 Groups and address book
  • • Group SMS: Send SMS one-by-one or by Groups
    (Like 'All Friends' or 'South Kolkata Customers')

1: Promotional Marketting Route

A: Network Based Solution - Dnd Open Route / DND Filter (Web Based): Delivery Time: Min Instant - Max 4 hour. Sms will deliver All Networks. Web based Reseller Panel Available

B: BSNL-MTNL Sms Gateway (Dnd Filter and Refund):
Delivery Time: Min Instant - Max 4 hour. Sms will deliver on Non Dnd Numbers only. Realtime Dnd Refund | Live Delivery Report | BSNL | MTNLRoute

2: Transactional Route

A:MTNL-LOOP-Aircel(Mix) Sms Gateway (Instant Delivery):Delivery Time: Instant. Sms will deliver on Dnd and Non Dnd Numbers. | Agreement Copy Required For Activation | Template Approval | Mix Route
B: LOOP Sms Gateway (Instant Delivery - Priority):Delivery Time: Instant.Sms will deliver on Dnd and Non Dnd Numbers. | Agreement Copy Required For Activation | Template Approval | LM Route
C: LOOP Sms Gateway (Instant Delivery - High Priority):Delivery Time: Instant.Sms will deliver on Dnd and Non Dnd Numbers. | Agreement Copy Required For Activation | Template Approval | LM Route

Recharge Solution:-

1. Prepaid Mobile Recharge: We provide online & offline all easy recharging facility for all prepaid mobile networks available in India with the help of our Instant recharge solutions. Our Single Sim Recharge facility works on any Normal Mobile Handset and provides an easy way to earn additional revenue for shopkeepers and retailers.


2. DTH Recharge Service: Our DTH recharge facility allows users to recharge any Satellite TV or DTH Connection in India by just sending an SMS from a Mobile.

Dish TV DTH, Tata Sky DTH, Big TV DTH, Videocon DTH, SUN Direct DTH, Airtel DTH

Telenet Ad India also facilitates  Data Card Recharge, Post Paid Bill Payment, Piped Gas Payment, Electricity Boards Payment and Insurance Payments which saves time and money for end users.
3. Data Card Recharge: Reliance NetConnect 1X, Reliance NetConnect 3G, Reliance NetConnect+, Tata Photon Whiz, Tata Photon+, MTS MBlaze, MTS MBrowse.

4. Post Paid Bill Payment: IDEA, VODAFONE, AIRTEL, BSNL, TATA INDICOM MOBILE,  TATA Docomo, LOOP Mumbai, Reliance (GSM/CDMA)

5. Landline & Broadband Recharge: BSNL|AIRTEL|MTNL Delhi

6. Piped Gas Payment: Mahanagar Gas Limited

7. Electricity Boards Payment:
BSES Rajdhani Power Limited – Delhi
BSES Yamuna Power Limited – Delhi
Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited – Delhi
Reliance Energy Limited

8. Insurance Payments:
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
Tata AIA Life Insurance

Bulk Voice Calls

Bulk voice calls are pre-recorded voice messages to a mobile or landline networks across the country. Voice Call enables you to communicate with your customers by calling their Mobile/Landphone numbers anywhere in India with a pre-recorded voice message through a fully automated Online System.
Voice Calls are completely automated process hence no operators or dialer is need to process the call, once the system is set with your pre-recorded message and contact list through our user friendly online control panel then our system will start calling the recipients and plays your pre-recorded voice message.
Voice sms helps you to enhance your business. You can share your information to customer, clients or with your friends and any other group. It is the way where you can express your emotions, your happiness to the person you want. You can let your customer to know about your events. You can send wishes to your friends through voice sms. It's an inexpensive way to be in touch with your friends and family and even a safe way to send the message.
Bulk Voice Call Campaign is widely used for Lead generation, Event Notifications, Political Campaign Promotions, Voter Registration, Vote Reminders, Fund Raising, Service Reminders, Product Promotions, Announcements, Give reminders like EMI, Insurance premium, Event Notification , Marketing Products & Services, Meeting alerts, Wake Up Calls, Stock Alerts, Medicine Reminders etc.

Toll Free Number

It is not only enough to establish a business but also indispensable to make it accessible to customers belonging to all segments. A toll free number helps the best in achieving the same. If you own a business that intends to offer better services to customers, then Telenet Ad India is the right choice for you.

Call Flow Management:

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) : is a technology that automates interactions with telephone callers. Enterprises are increasingly turning to IVR to reduce the cost of common sales, services, collections, inquiry and support calls to and from their company.
Historically, IVR Solutions have used pre-recorded voice prompts and menus to present information and options to callers, and touch-tone telephone keypad entry to gather responses. 
With Web Receptionist, you get a personal telephone number where your customers can call 24x7. Customer will listen to a Welcome message With Brief Introduction About your Company Profile, Products & Services

Personal Toll Free Numbers:
Telenet Ad India personal toll free numbers enable you to receive long distance calls from virtually any phone, any time, anywhere in the India. Your personal toll free number allows your children, family, friends, loved ones and even business clients to call you at no cost to them.
Business Toll Free Numbers:
Having a business toll free number for your company helps grow your business and increases credibility with your customers. Easy-to-use Telenet Ad India business toll free numbers allow your customers to contact you at no cost to them. Building strong customer relations is the key to success in any industry, and with Telenet Ad Indi's toll free business numbers, your customers can reach you no matter where you are. 

Toll Free SMS:

Toll Free SMS is a service that helps visitors of your website to send SMS Enquiry or Feedback to your mobile number. The Website owner pays for the SMS and there is no cost to the website visitors who send SMS to your mobile number. A visitor simply types a message from your website and it reaches to you as SMS on your mobile phone.
This wiget comes in two variants - Sliding Widget and Corner Widget
Benefits for Website Owner / Business Houses

  • Customers are more likely to contact you if you provide a toll free SMS facility. As such, you will find much higher response rates to your product and services. 
  • Easy to implement. No programming background required .
  • Immediate auto reply through SMS, after every enquiry, helps increasing customer loyalty, buld confience and trust in your product and services.
  • A timely, personalized SMS message can help you build relationships with people that matter to your business customers and staff.
  • You can receive all enquiries even while on move.
  • Quicker and efficient than email. Visitors to your website can reach you instantly through SMS and you can revert them instantly.

Missed Call Alert Service:

Missed Call service is a completely automated web based application enables you to get the real time notifications of all calls on your dedicated Mobile/Land Phone/Toll Free Number.
Our system also has the power to start an interactive session with your customer by integrating our different API's (SMS, 2 Way Messaging, Voice, Call Conference etc..)

How it Works

When a new call arrives on your number our system automatically rejects the call after one ring and pushes the information on real time to your Web panel/Server along with the Call Number, Time, Location, Operator

Where to Use

Missed Call Service is useful for many sectors depending on your requirements, few useful categories are listed below
Mobile Number Verification, Forget/Retrieve Password , Support/Sales, Lead Generation. You can also set Auto Thank you SMS, Thank You Voice Calls (Pre-recorded), Connect real time with your Call Center using our Voice Calling Service. Get our Missed Call Push Services & Save your Running Cost upto 90% without any Compromise. 

Click 2 Call / Call Back Services

Click 2 Call enables you to start a real time telephonic conversation between your Agents & Customers through various options
Click 2 Call or Call Back Service can be used for Sales, Support, Customer Care and can be integrated with your website or application.

Developers API

You can really build lot of interactive stuffs with our Powerful API's like Click 2 Call Widgets, Call Back Widgets and lots more…

SIM Hosting

Long Code (Your own dedicated 10 digit mobile number)

Application, Integration, Working methods are exactly same as Short Codes only difference is that instead of 5 or 6 digit shared short code, you can use chose any GSM mobile number as your dedicated long code number, you need to purchase a SIM Card in order to set your own Long Code Number.

Long Code Numbers (SIM Hosting)

Long code numbers are 10 digits normal GSM Numbers and the incoming messages are processing through Normal SIM Card.You need to purchase GSM SIM Card from any operator and provide the same to us for hosting.

2 Way Messaging Using Long Code & Virtual Numbers

Long codes/Virtual Numbers are 10 digits shared or dedicated numbers which enables 2 way messaging between you and your customers/clients and widely used for many value-added services such as.

  • Product/Service Customer Feed backs
  • Voting & Polling
  • Automated Lead Generation
  • Online Subscriptions/Verifications
  • Exam Results
  • Media & Entertainment Sectors
  • Product Registrations/Verifications
  • Vehicle Tracking Using GPS
  • Luck Draw, SMS Based Quiz Programs
  • SMS Based Recharging

Virtual Numbers

Same as Long Code Numbers Virtual Numbers are also shared or dedicated 10 digit numbers which are configured at the operator switch for processing huge volume of incoming traffic.
Virtual Numbers are more reliable and costly than Shared or Long Code Numbers and have many advantages when compared to Shared or Dedicated Long Code Numbers.

Long Code Vs Virtual Number

Long Codes (SIM Hosting)

Virtual Number

Processing through normal GSM SIM Card

Operator End Switch Level Forwarding

GSM Modem Required

No Hardware Required

Max 5 SMS in a minute

100 to 300 messages in a second

GSM SIM Hosting

Operator Switch Level Configuration

Low Setup Charges

High Setup Charge

Low Monthly Rent

High Monthly Rent

Unlimited Incoming Traffic

3 lakh per month after that 3 ps per message

Smart 2Way Messaging

Smart 2Way Messaging is a powerful tool developed using 2 Way Messaging & SMS technologies to send auto dynamic messages in response to an Incoming SMS. Loaded with many new handy and unique features which certainly saves your valuable time and gives you a new experience.

How it Works?

You have to create a campaign and map that particular campaign to any of your available keywords or sub keywords, when we got a message on your keyword in correct format based on your configuration we validate the request and send auto reply messages to that customer as per the settings saved in your campaign.

Why its Smart?
  • No Programming Required -- We know it well
  • No Technical Skill required to operate -- Extremely User Friendly
  • No Server or Database required -- We have huge setup for you
  • Fully Automated System -- Saves your valuable time & money